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New Collage for blog

Monday, November 20, 2017

11/13/17-11/19/17 Adopted Foster Animals

This week we had 37 animals adopted! 15 were in one of our foster homes prior to adoption! Hopefully this week we will have even more adoptions! The only day we are closed is Thanksgiving!

The following cats were in loving foster homes prior to be adopted:

  1. Cherish
  2. Griffon
  3. Hug
  4. Moon
  5. Nashville
  6. Sunny

The following dogs were in loving foster homes prior to be adopted:

  1. Calvin
  2. Dot
  3. Foxy
  4. Junior
  5. Mini
  6. Ray
  7. Shorty
  8. Tiny
  9. Toby


Friday, November 17, 2017

What Happens After Foster Animals Come Back to ARF?

I know some of you are curious as to what happens to your foster after they come back to ARF;  I thought I would share some of the basics with you!

Several departments get involved with the dog or cat prior to them being adopted and these things occur in different orders depending on the needs of the shelter guest, timing, and other factors.
  • Clinic
    • Before going up for adoption, the shelter guest needs to be spayed/neutered, have any other surgery that may be necessary to do in a shelter setting, be micro-chipped (if not already done), ears checked, clip their nails, and be up to date on vaccinations and treatments for their age. The clinic works on getting the shelter guest's health history updated as well. 
  • Behavior
    • Our behavior team will complete the necessary behavioral assessments on the shelter guest so we can provide adopters and our staff and volunteers pertinent information for that companion. This may include providing showing plans, extra behavioral handouts, updating counselor notes, behavior profiles, public profiles, home plans, walking plans, etc.
  • Foster Notes
    • The notes you provided about your foster animal(s) will be input into our database, so our adoption counselors, animal care staff, and volunteers have more information about the animal's behavior. WE LOVE THE NOTES!
  • Adoption Packet Paperwork
    • The microchip registration paperwork, Rabies certificate, and spay/neuter certificate are put together for your foster animal. 
When I have been informed a foster or a friend of foster wants to adopt your foster animal, all of the above occur, however we have to have that foster animal skip the line, so to speak. There is a lot of behind the scenes work for your foster animal and the more notice we are provided for the foster/foster friend adoptions, the easier it is on the entire staff, which is why we ask for three days notice!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Wallop, now Xena, spent a lot of time in foster. She, along with her mom and her 10 siblings were in one of our fabulous foster home for a month while they grew and became old enough for surgery! Although the adopter didn't say too much, they did say
"She's very smart and playful"
and I think that is a good enough summation!

Monday, November 13, 2017

11/6/17-11/12/17 Adopted Foster Animals

This week was a busy one for the adoption team! Not only did they get 13 foster animals adopted, but some of our longer term guests and our Adoption Ambassador dog were adopted too!

The following dogs and puppies were cared for in a loving foster home prior to being adopted:

  1. Aspen
  2. Autumn
  3. Cannoli
  4. Crispin
  5. Fez
  6. Jackie
  7. Kelso
  8. Midge
  9. Red

The following cats and kittens were cared for in a loving foster home prior to being adopted:

  1. Ambrosia
  2. Beauty
  3. Juno
  4. Lhaffon

Friday, November 10, 2017

What is Positive Reinforcement?

At ARF, the method of training used is positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement works by using praise and positive actions or rewards to increase desirable behaviors in animals (and humans!). It makes those desirable behaviors more likely to occur in the future, and is one of the most powerful tools for shaping or changing an animal’s behavior.

We use positive reinforcement at ARF to help improve the adoptability of animals who may not have received much prior training. Dogs with good manners such as sit, down, waiting at doorways, and other behaviors we consider “polite”, are more likely to get adopted quickly, and are more likely to stay in their new home. Positive reinforcement also helps long-term animals to cope with shelter life by providing them with mental stimulation and enrichment designed to keep them behaviorally healthy during their stay at the shelter.

Positive reinforcement may include food treats, praise, petting, or a favorite toy or game. Food treats are one of the most convenient ways to provide rewards to reinforce good behavior. Small pieces of soft commercial treats, hot dogs, cheese, or cooked chicken are all available at ARF for this purpose. You may need to experiment to determine if the dog you are working with is particular about which treats they prefer. We encourage you to make a regular practice of wearing a bait bag or apron during each volunteer shift with dogs, so that you can keep tasty treats handy. Each time you use a food reward, you should precede the food reward with a verbal marker like, “Yes!” or “Good!”.

This post brought to you by the ARF Behavior Department

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Clementine and Colby

Maybelline and her kittens were in foster for several weeks before being adopted by a friend of the foster! Maybelline, now Clementine, she is described as "very sweet and has a cute little chirping meow when she talks to me."

She was adopted with one of her kittens too! The adopter says this of Batter, now Colby.
"He is so funny and loves to play and run and jump. He seems to be very smart too"

Monday, November 6, 2017

10/30/17-11/5/17 Foster Animals Adopted

44 cats and dogs found new homes this week! 26 were cared for by fabulous foster families!

Take a look at the cats and kittens adopted after being in one of our loving foster homes:

  1. Albacore
  2. Amberjack
  3. Anastasia
  4. Calistoga
  5. Carp
  6. Cash
  7. Koi
  8. Marlin
  9. Minnow
  10. Petaluma
  11. Poodle
  12. Pug
  13. Safari
  14. Spree
  15. Starr
  16. Swift

Take a look at the dogs and puppies adopted after being in one of our loving foster homes:

  1. Bambino
  2. Bobtail
  3. Dora
  4. Gandolf
  5. Gengar
  6. Loyale
  7. Munchkin
  8. Rita
  9. Salem
  10. Ursula

Check out their adorable adoption photos!